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Quality Assurance2021-09-112021-09-18Rethymnon, CreteGreeceEnglishJorunn and Truls
Module Filter2021-09-152021-09-19Öijared, FlodaSwedenSwedishMarita and Lena
Teaching Communicology2021-09-182021-09-25Rethymnon, CreteGreeceEnglishJorunn and Truls
Educating Communicologists2021-09-252021-10-02Rethymnon, CreteGreeceEnglishJorunn and Truls
Module 12021-10-202021-10-24JessheimNorwaySwedishMarita and Lena
Module 12021-11-172021-11-21KarlskronaSwedenSwedishEric and Maria
Module 22021-11-172021-11-21Öijared, FlodaSwedenSwedishMarita and Lena
Module 12021-11-262021-12-01ViennaAustriaEnglishJorunn and Truls
Module 32021-12-032021-12-08ViennaAustriaEnglishJorunn and Truls
Module Product Development2021-12-082021-12-12ÖrbySwedenSwedishMarita and Lena
Module Ped2021-12-102021-12-15ViennaAustriaEnglishJorunn and Truls
Module 12022-01-192022-01-23Öijared, FlodaSwedenSwedishMarita and Lena
Module 12022-01-262022-01-30HelsingborgSwedenSwedishEric and Maria
Module 22022-02-232022-02-27JessheimNorwaySwedishMarita and Lena
Module 32022-03-232022-03-27Öijared, FlodaSwedenSwedishMarita and Lena
Module 42022-04-272022-05-01Öijared, FlodaSwedenSwedishMarita and Lena
Module Ped2022-06-292022-07-03Öijared, FlodaSwedenSwedishMarita and Lena
Module 12022-08-172022-08-21Öijared, FlodaSwedenSwedishMarita and Lena
Module Filter2022-09-212022-09-25Öijared, FlodaSwedenSwedishMarita and Lena
Module 32022-10-192022-10-23JessheimNorwaySwedishMarita and Lena
Module 22022-11-162022-11-20Öijared, FlodaSwedenSwedishMarita and Lena

Meet the educational teams

Educators Jorunn and Truls

Jorunn & Truls

Jorunn Sjøbakken and Truls Fleiner performs educational modules at Djurönäset on the east coast of Sweden, close to Stockholm. And international modules, outside Scandinavia.

Marita and Lena

Marita & Lena

Marita Skogum and Lena Karlsson performs educational modules at Oijared on the west coast of Sweden, close to Gothenburg. And in Jessheim, Norway.

Eric and Maria

Eric & Maria

Eric Fransson and Maria Nilsson are based in Karlskrona and Helsingborg in Sweden, and performs educational modules in the southern parts of Sweden.